Friday, April 26, 2013

Weather Mini Books: Thunderstorms and Tornadoes

During our week-long Weather mini-theme we learned about the different types of weather (rain, hail, snow, sleet, freezing rain), the types of clouds, storms (blizzard, tornado, hurrricane), and how to stay safe during certain types of weather. We also did some fun literature based writing activies about what they saw in the clouds.  They created a picture in the sky using torn construction paper.

I only had my "Kinds of Clouds" mini-book this week for the students to add to their independent reading book baskets and wanted something more.  I didn't make these mini books until after the theme was over, but will plan to use these next year.  I really liked having something that my first graders could read on their own after they'd heard a read-aloud story.  Here are two books that I wrote about storms that I know my first graders would encounter.

You can purchase this 2 book set HERE at my TPT store.

"What is a Thunderstorm?"
--A thunderstorm has very big clouds that are full of water.
--Rain falls from the dark gray clouds.
--Lightning shoots from the thunder clouds.  It makes flashes of light in the sky.
--Thunder is the big boom you hear when the clouds bump together.
--You see the lightning before you hear the thunder.
--Sometimes thunderstorms bring strong winds and hail.
--Sometimes thunderstorms bring a tornado.  Go to a safe place if there is a tornado.

"What is a Tornado?"
--Tornadoes are a swirling cloud that touches the ground.
--Warm air rises up into the cumulonimbus clouds.
--The warm air meets the cool air in the cloud, and it starts to rain or hail.
--If the up and down moving air starts to spin, a funnel cloud is formed.
--A funnel cloud can form when there is a thunderstorm.
--It becomes a tornado when it touches the ground.
--Go to the basement of your house if there is a tornado.

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