Sunday, September 8, 2013

Math RTI for First Grade

This weekend I have been obsessing on getting a Math RTI packet together to use from year to year.  After searching Teachers Pay Teachers for something that was easy to use and just print, I couldn't find everything I needed or what I exactly wanted.  Guess that meant I just needed to create it.  I'm sure my husband wonders if I am ever going to get off the computer and get any housework done.  Oh, well.  When I get into one of these moods...nothing else gets in the way.

I feel like every single year once we get our RTIs in place I have to create things over and over again and it gets old, tedious, brain busting, and just NOT FUN.  I like to have a data collection sheet for our learner assistants to use that they can mark on and I can easily go and collect the progress from.  One thing I hate more than anything is going through TONS of stuff in a folder that our learner assistants do with the RTI kids and having to write down progress.  It takes FOREVER just for 1 kid!  Hoping this will help this year...I'm sure there will be some updating as needed, but this is a start.
You can download a preview to check this out and see if it will work for your classroom or purchase this HERE at my TPT store.

Here is a sample of one of the counting coins pages:

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