Friday, September 20, 2013

Sketchy Number Doodles Clip Art

I feel like its been forever that I've created a new clip art set.  Was kind of in a slump late this summer and wasn't inspired to draw. I've banked up a lot of the clip art I wanted/needed for my classroom and really hadn't felt a need or desire to draw for a while.  In the last week, I created a Math RTI Intervention packet to use with some of my students in my classroom and thought a set of numbers would be fun to draw to spice up the look of some of the pages.  So.....a "sketchy" set of clip art numbers came to mind.  I love the look of KPM Doodles and Graphics From the Pond's "Scrappy" clip art.  When I started drawing these numbers, I started just sketching bubble numbers like I used to draw during high school during cheerleading practice.  It was always fun making bubble numbers and letters for locker posters and spirit posters.  I started sketching the bubble letters, and I guess you could say this is how the name "sketchy" got attached to this set. Included are 50 images:  5 each of numbers 0-9 in gray black, BW, yellow, blue, and red.

Comin soon:  Sketchy Alphabet!

Sketchy Number Doodles at my TPT store HERE
Sketchy Number Doodles at my TN store HERE

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