Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sketchy Capital Letter Doodles

Finally had time to sit down at the laptop and get this Sketchy Capital Letter Doodles set up and going.  Loving to draw, but lately I am feeling a bit overwhelmed because I have too many things I want to do and NOT ENOUGH TIME TO GET THEM ALL DONE!  Ahhh!  Yes, I did just put that in all caps!  Picture me pulling my hair out while shouting that out loud!  When I'm at home all I feel like doing is just relaxing and reading a book, but there's always "school work" to do to try and get caught up throughout the week.  Throw RTI stuff in there and data collecting and trying to get ahead with running copies and organizing lesson plans.  MAP testing, DIBELS testing and end of the unit sight words assessments are just about enough right now to send me to the looney bin!  :)  Just kidding.

Sketchy Capital Letters Doodles:
You can find it at my TPT store HERE and at my TN Clip Art Shop HERE.

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