Saturday, January 25, 2014

Roll, Color, Read, Label Farming Activities FREE

I made this last fall and just came across it today.  Must have gotten a little busy over Thanksgiving and Christmas and forgot about it.  Meant to put it out for a freebie, so here it is!

Included in the packet are 3 games:

1.Roll and Color a Tractor: Students roll two dice and add the two numbers together, then color the sum by finding it on the tractor and coloring that part. 

2.Roll and Label: Farm Animals, Farm Words: Roll a die and label the picture by using the chart with the matching words. 

3.Listen, Read, and Color: Combine, Farmer: Teacher reads aloud a word and students find that word on the picture and color it. 

You can pick up this FREEBIE at my TPT store HERE.

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