Saturday, January 25, 2014

"Staying Healthy" Mini Book

This has been on my to-do list since last February, and I finally got around to doing it!

This mini book is an easy reader to teach about healthy habits: dental health, personal hygiene, and physical fitness.  You can find this mini-book HERE at my TPT store.  Download the preview to see the entire book before purchasing.

"Staying Healthy" by Carrie Hanson
  • You need to do a lot of things to keep yourself healthy.
  • Eat good foods to keep your body healthy.
  • Drink juice instead of pop.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables instead of candy and cake.
  • Drink milk for strong bones and teeth.
  • Go see the dentist two times each year.
  • Brush and floss your teeth every day.
  • Take a bath or shower every day.
  • Use soap and shampoo to get he germs off.
  • Wash your hands before you eat.
  • Use a tissue when you blow your nose.
  • Exercise to keep your heart healthy.
  • Listen to the doctors. They will help you get better when you are sick.
  • Try to sleep for eight hours each night.

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