Monday, April 7, 2014

New Habitats Vocabulary Book

Got busy this afternoon after school and decided to create a new version of  the Habitats Vocabulary book we use during our Habitats study.  I wanted this vocabulary book to look similar to the mini books, "what I learned" journals, and cut-apart sentences that I use during this unit.  There is a page for each of the habitats we learn about in first grade: desert, forest, mountain, grassland, arctic, antarctic, wetlands, ocean and rain forest.  I have really liked having the vocabulary words within the text using my "Shape Box Spelling Patterns" font.  This gives my firsties a clue as to which word belongs in the sentence.  I also included the habitat name as a label on the picture of each habitat.

If you are interested in this vocabulary/coloring book click HERE.  You can purchase it at my TPT store.

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