Friday, November 7, 2014

Thanksgiving Story I Have Who Has

Oh my, has it been a while since I've felt creative.  I have had a BUSY first quarter of school and finally have a day off because of conferences this week.  Leave it to me to use it as a "catch-up" day for school stuff and ideas that need to be put into motion!

We just started our Thanksgiving theme this week and I realized we didn't have a I HAVE WHO HAS for this theme.  The kids LOVE these games, and I thought this one would be good to make because it can be used to retell the story from England to Thanksgiving today.

You can find this HERE at my TPT store.

And on another note:  I have reached 1000 followers at my TPT store!  Wow!  I never thought that would happen.  As a big thank you for following my blog, Pinterest, Facebook, TN, and TPT, the first 5 people who comment with their email below will get this for FREE.  Let's see how many people actually check out my blog...this will be interesting!  If you aren't one of the first 5 people, thanks for stopping by anyway!

I'm also throwing a 20% off sale to celebrate this milestone at my TPT store.  Get everything 20% of Sunday, November 9th thru Wednesday, November 12th.

And Happy Thanksgiving!


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