Monday, February 23, 2015

Continents and Oceans Interactive Notebook

We have accumulated and created so many things for our Continents and Oceans theme, it was time to condense some things and make it a bit more "kid-friendly".  Instead of making our Continents and Oceans lessons a "writing/paper/pencil" activity, we thought it would be good to just have the kids focus on one key fact about each of the continents and oceans.  Using this format, student would just be building the one key fact we would like them to remember about each of the continents or oceans.

The lesson sequence I plan to use for each continent and ocean lesson:

  • Gather students on carpet for read-aloud
  • Continent Mini-Books or Ocean Mini-Books (you can find them in my TPT store)
  • Continent or Oceans song (you can find them in my TPT store HERE)
  • View PPT slides on each to learn facts
  • Brainstorm facts about each of the continents using the mimio for recall of details
  • Build the cut-apart sentence in interactive notebook

How to Use this Interactive Notebook:  You can purchase it HERE.
  • After reading your favorite read aloud book about each of the continents/oceans, watching videos, and brainstorming facts they remember, have your students piece together the fact for each continent or ocean. Then have them color the black line illustrations.

How to Assemble:
  • Copy single sided or double sided and staple on the left hand size. 
  • Copy the words that will be glued in the book separately. There are three on each page. Only hand out the sentence your students need.

Cut-Apart Sentences Included for Interactive Notebook:

  • Australia: Australia is called the Land Down Under.
  • Antarctica: People cannot live in Antarctica because it is too cold.
  • Asia: Asia is the biggest continent in the whole world.
  • North America: North America is made up of mostly three countries.
  • South America: There are rain forests in South America.
  • Africa: The Sahara Desert is in Africa.
  • Europe: Europe is the smallest continent, and it is made up of many small countries.
  • Southern Ocean: The Southern Ocean is around Antarctica.
  • Arctic Ocean: The Arctic Ocean is by the North Pole.
  • Indian Ocean: The Indian Ocean is the warmest ocean.
  • Pacific Ocean: The Pacific Ocean is the biggest ocean.
  • Atlantic Ocean: The Atlantic Ocean was the first ocean to be crossed by ship.

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