Sunday, March 22, 2015

Habitats Interactive Notebook

My first graders are loving the interactive notebooks I've put together for Space/Planets and our Continents/Oceans theme.  The facts/sentences included are the same as my Cut-Apart Sentences, but its been nice to have them paste the sentences into the notebook for a keepsake to take home at the end of the unit. After reading your favorite read aloud book about each of the habitats, watching videos, singing songs about the habitats, or brainstorming facts they remember, have your students piece together the fact for each habitat. Then have them color the black line illustrations.  This is what I've been doing:
  • Gather students on carpet for read-aloud
  • Students read individual Habitats Mini Books (you can find them in my TPT store)
  • Habitats song 
  • Brainstorm facts about each of the continents using the mimio for recall of details
  • Build the cut-apart sentence in interactive notebook
You can find this HERE at my TPT store.

Facts/Sentences included:
  • The animals in the grassland run very fast.
  • The water in the ocean is very salty.
  • The rain forest gets a lot of rain all year.
  • The mountains can be rocky and covered in trees.
  • The wetlands are made of fresh water.
  • There are many kinds of trees in the forest.
  • The arctic is very cold and covered in ice and snow.
  • Scientists go to the Antarctic to study the weather.
  • The desert is very hot and dry.

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