Thursday, June 11, 2015

Manners at School Mini Book

This last school year our school started using PBIS.  It's been a great way to teach consistent behaviors in our school.  We have always started first grade with a theme called "First Grade Work", which basically teaches our little people what its like in first grade.  Such a big change from kindergarten!

I wrote this book to go along with a book I use as a read aloud called "Manners at School" by Carrie Finn. "Manners at School" is read in my classroom at the beginning of the year (and even as a refresher when needed).

Text in this book:
Manners are important.  Here are some good manners at school.
I can be kind to others. That means be NICE.
I can look with my eyes and listen with my ears.
My lips are zipped when I listen. That shows respect.
I keep my hands to myself. That is my personal space.
I raise my hand before I talk. That shows respect to the teacher.
I share with others. That shows respect to my friends.
I wait my turn on the swings. I take turns.
I say, “Please.” I say, “Thank you.”
I cover my mouth when I cough.  No one wants my germs!
I clean up when the teacher says.
Good manners at school keeps everyone happy!

*****Printable Mini-Book:  You can find this printable mini book HERE at my TPT store.

*****1 page digital file now available.*****
I have also formatted this book in 1 page layout view so that you can view this book in any PDF viewing app on your tablet, iPad, PC or Mac.  You can find this file HERE at my TPT store.

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