Monday, June 15, 2015

Manners on the Playground Mini Book

I woke up with the world's WORST back to school dream this morning!  A long story short:  It was the first day of school, I'd had my classroom ready for weeks, I walked in the door and the kindergarten teachers had taken over our first grade classrooms!  We'd been transferred to kindergarten without being told.  I was left with an empty classroom with all my first grade stuff being kept hostage by the now new first grade teachers.  All the tables were removed from the kindergarten rooms and I was left with two tables, bare walls, and 17 desks.  Given no time to establish classroom rules, we were expected to go to a PBIS assembly.  My class had pockets full of toys and crayons and it was complete chaos! Talk about a major anxiety attack!

So I guess that led me to work on some back to school stuff I've had my mind on for a while. Here's my Manners on the Playground mini-book I'm going to use this fall when we teach about our PBIS expectations on the playground.  A good read aloud book to use with this book is called "Manners on the Playground" by Carrie Finn and Chris Lensch.

Text in this book:
Manners are important. Here are some good manners on the playground.
I can stay safe and play in the right place. Once I’m out, I stay out.
I will use things the right way to stay safe.
I use walking feet coming in and out to stay safe.
I can take turns, share, and be kind to show respect.
I wait my turn on the swings.  I take turns.
I share with others.  That shows respect to my friends.
I can be kind to others.  That means be NICE to show respect.
I will let others play with me. That is respect.
I show respect by listening to the teacher the first time.
I will be responsible and line up when the bells rings or the teacher blows the whistle.
I can be responsible and put things away when I am done with them.
Good manners and making good choices on the playground keeps everyone happy!

You can find this HERE at my TPT store.

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