Sunday, April 22, 2012

Farm Word Wall Vocabulary Cards

Our farm theme is called, "Farming:  How Food Gets From the Farm to Your Plate", and focuses on not just the animals that a farmer raises, but what the farmer does on the farm and how the food he/she grows gets from the farm to your dinner plate.  I revamped our card set and used my Farm Doodles clip art, along with some of KPM Doodles farm clip art and changed the font to a basic font.  Our other farm word cards are in D'Nealian font and I don't want to confuse our firsties next fall when we do the farm unit.  (I am seeing a lot of revamping in our future, since a lot of what we made was created witht he DN font.)

The words we have in our theme word wall pocket chart include the animals, plants, machines, and the basic products that come from the things that farmers "grow":

farmer, farm wife, tractor, combine, grain wagon, hay wagon, hay, corn stalk, corn field, soy bean, bean field, corn field, garden, cow, pig, horse, sheep, goat, chicken, rooster, hen, nest, chick, calf, ducking, turkey, cooked turkey, milking, riding, barn, hay, pitchfork, pail, harvest, pumpkin, apple, orchard, potato, carrot, corn, cat, dog, grain elevator, wheat, bread, eggs, bacon, ham, steak, hamburger, milk, cheese, yogrut, chicken leg

You can purchase these Farm Vocabulary Cards at our TPT store HERE.

Clip art in this vocabulary card set from:
Clip Art by Carrie:
Graphics From the Pond:
Open Clip Art (public domain):

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