Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Continents and Oceans Vocabulary Book

I think we have a whole month before we are going to do our Continents and Oceans theme, but I'm trying to stay ahead of the game.  In the past we've pieced together some things that we had found to make a continents and oceans packet, and I just wasn't really happy with it.  Call me OCD, but I like to have things look neat and tidy...all the same font, same type of clip art, you know...Now that I have all my own clip art that I've drawn over the last year, I wanted to update it a bit in more first grade friendly terms.  This will be a shared read, as I'm not sure our firsties will be independent at reading all the information by themselves.

In this vocabulary book, students will learn the names of all the continents and oceans, as well as a few facts about each.  I also wanted to put a little bit of a focus on the different habitats on each of the continents so students can see how the world is such a different place.  This will be a great way to lead into our Animal Habitats unit we do after that, as one of the projects in this Continents and Oceans unit is to create a world map where they add an animal that is from each continent.

I left the continent and ocean names out and replaced it with my shape boxes font, so students can have a visual of what word should go there.  They can use the word bank on the first page to help them find the word.  Or...they can utilize the word wall pocket chart cards to find and write the correct word.  You can find my "MY World Word Wall Cards" HERE.

You can find this vocabulary book HERE at my TPT store.

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