Thursday, February 14, 2013

Space and Planets Cut Apart Sentences

Does it drive you nuts when you are in the middle of teaching a lesson and an idea pops in your head about something completely different...and you can't act upon that new idea until your lesson is done and the kids go to recess? Then you get paranoid during that lesson that you are going to forget all the new ideas that run through your brain? So your lesson plan book becomes sticky note haven...until you have time to sit down and do it?  Well, that was tonight while watching Grey's Anatomy.

This morning while making cute little Valentine bouquets with the kids to give their mom and dads, I started thinking ahead to two themes from now: Space and Planets. I have been updating our cut apart sentences all year and realized I need to get ahead on those so that I am not making them as I need them. Then I decided it would be an awesome idea to have a cut apart sentences about each of the planets that tell one important thing about each planet. These cut aparts have worked great for morning work as well as must do activities during Guided reading.  Well, I ended up coming up with a TON of fun sentences to use throughout the unit.

Then that led to me to thinking about our Continents and Oceans unit and creating a sentence for each of the continents and oceans, which then led me to come up with ideas for the different habitats for our Animal Habitats theme.  Look for post about those when I get them done. 

It's a good thing we have Friday and Monday off for Winter Vacation so I can be home and will have time to get those things done before it drives me nuts that they aren't done!

Sentences included in my Space and Planets set:
  • There are nine planets in the solar system.
  • The nine planets orbit around the sun.
  • The sun is a star in our solar system.
  • Mercury is the closest planet to the sun.
  • Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system.
  • Earth is the only planet that animals can live.
  • Mars is called the red planet.
  • Jupiter has a giant red spot that is a storm.
  • Saturn’s rings are made from rock and ice.
  • Uranus spins around on its side.
  • Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun.
  • Pluto is called a dwarf planet.
  • An astronomer uses a telescope to study the stars.
  • An astronaut wears a special suit to travel in space.
  • A constellation is a group of stars that make a shape.
You can find the Space and Planets Cut Apart sentences set HERE at my TPT store.


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