Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Post Office and Letter Writing Mini-Unit

We are right in the middle of our Post Office/Letter Writing unit and I just finished up some new cut-apart sentences and put them together with some activities that I've used with this unit this year. 
We have REALLY been trying to improve how we are teaching our firsties to learn their address.  The first week of our theme, we had students learn their house number and their street name.  The second week of our theme, we had them copy/write their address each day using sheets that we created on www.handwritingworksheets.com.  Students had to trace their address and then write it on their own on the bottom half of the sheet.  The cut-and-past parts of an address was a fun activity that I used today as sort of an assessment.  They had to write their address in each labeled part and then tomorrow I will have them cut it apart and piece it back together in the correct place.
I put together a few of my favorite new things into a Post Office Mini-Unit and uploaded it to TPT.
Cut Apart Sentences:
  • Put a stamp in the right-hand corner of the envelope.
  • There are five parts to a letter.
  • Your address tells the mailman where you live. 
  • A zip code is a special number for your city.
  • A mailman drives a mail truck to deliver the mail.
  • The mailman delivers mail into your mailbox.
  • You buy stamps at the post office.
  • A postmark cancels the stamp so it can't be used again.
Write Your Address Cut-Apart:
  • Have students write their address in the labeled “dotted lined” sheet.  Then they cut and paste onto the envelope in the correct spot.
Post Office Center Card:
  • Use for your classroom post office and letter writing unit.  Photocopy double sided and students can write letters to each other and fill out the address to send to people in your class or other classrooms doing the post office theme.
Cut and Paste Parts of Letter and Envelope:
  • Students cut and paste the different parts of an envelope and letter into the correct spot to learn about the different parts of each.
You can purchase this HERE at my TPT store.

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