Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Continents Mini Books Set: 7 Emergent Readers

We are just starting our of study of the Earth and learning about the continents and oceans. To beef up this unit, I created some easy to read mini books to use with my first graders. One of the activities we have our 1st graders do after hearing about, listening to stories, and watching short video clips about each of the continents is write three facts they can remember about each continent in their Continent and Oceans journal packet. I wanted something for them to refer back to that they could read independently.

You can purchase this set of beginning/easy readers HERE at my TPT store.  Continue reading below to see the words to each book.  Picutures on each page should help the reader figure out the words to the text.

Blue Scribble Background used in thumbnail comes from Graphics From the Pond.

North America:
This is where North America is in the world.
North America is made of three countries.
The Mississippi River is the longest river.
There are mountains in North America. The Rocky Mountains are the biggest mountains.
There are deserts in North America. The Grand Canyon is a place many people visit.
There are grasslands in North America. People raise animals and grow crops there.
There are ponds and lakes in North America.
There is the cold Arctic in North America.
There are forests in NorthnAmerica.

South America:
This is where South America is in the world.
South America is mostly below the equator.
The Pacific Ocean is on one side and the Atlantic Ocean is on the other.
It is wide at the top and skinny at the bottom.
The Amazon River flows across South America. It goes into the Atlantic Ocean.
Many animals live in the rain forest.
Cowboys raise cows in the grassland.
There are mountains and a tall waterfall in South America.

This is where Africa is in the world.
Europe is above Africa and Asia is beside it.
The Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean touch Africa.
The equator cuts through the middle.
The longest river in the world is the Nile River.
The Sahara Desert is the biggest desert in the world.
Many kinds of animals live in the grasslands.

This is where Europe is in the world.
Europe is above Africa and Asia is beside it.
The Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean touch Europe.
There are many small countries in Europe.
There are old castles in Europe.
There are mountains and forests in Europe.
Some parts are very cold and some parts are very hot.

This is where Asia is in the world.
It is the biggest continent in in the world.
Asia is by Europe and above Australia.
The Arctic Ocean, Indian Ocean, and Pacific Ocean touch Asia.
There are tall mountains and big forests in Asia.
Some parts are very cold and some parts are very hot.
Some parts of Asia have rain forests.

This is where Australia is in the world.
Australia is below Asia. It is an island continent.
The Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean touch Australia.
Australia is called the "Land Down Under" because it is below the equator.
Some parts of Australia have rain forests where it is warm and wet.
There are deserts in Australia where it is hot and dry.
Farmers raise sheep and cattle in the grassland. Kangaroos live there.

This is where Antarctica is in the world.
Antarctica is at the South Pole.
The Southern Ocean is around Antarctica.
It is always cold in Antarctica. It is too cold for people to live there.
There are icebergs around Antarctica. They are big chunks of floating ice.
Penguins live on Antarctica. Whales swim in the ocean.
In the winter it is dark most of the time.
In the summer it is light most of the time.

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