Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hanukkah Doodles w/FREEBIE Star of David

This next week we start a brand new mini-theme on Hanukkah.  Was scrambling to create things a few weeks back and purchased THIS awesome set from Melonheadz Illustrating.  I was a bit disappointed because I had to purchase the line art and the color bundles separately.  I thought they came together when I purchased it.  Spent $14.00 just on her Hanukkah set.  Wish I would have had more time and been able to draw my own, but ya gotta share the love somehow, right?  Don't get me wrong...SHE IS AMAZING and I wish I could draw as AWESOME as her.  Finally, this last week I got creative and decided to try my hand at drawing some Hanukkah clips.

I haven't been inspired for a while, but I just purchased a new drawing app called iDraw and I love it.  Great for nice clean lines.  The only downfall is I still like my Art Studio for coloring in and doing the filtering.  But how lucky could I get?!?  I can send the images I draw in iDraw to Art Studio right from my iPad.  Happy Dance!!!!!

You can purchase this Hanukkah Doodles set HERE at my TPT store.
You can also find it HERE at my TN store.

Well, I uploaded this file today before I was actually finished drawing the set.  I found the sit to be really fun and I think I just found my new place to edit and add filters to my images.  (That's me getting all giddy, getting another clip art set done.)  Here's the latest thumb that includes the added images:

Here's a FREEBIE BW Star of David for you:

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