Sunday, September 22, 2013

Handwriting Practice Book Print Style

Just finished this Handwriting Practice Book to use in my classroom.  We just switched last year to print style handwriting from D'Nealian.  We had purchased a book to use last year and weren't happy with it, so this year we actually had the school purchase the ready made Zaner Bloser handwriting practice book.  And again...not happy with it.  So I decided to bite the bullet and purchased the Print Style font bundle from Fonts4Teachers on TPT to create one that I liked.  This is the style I came up with.

You can purchase it HERE at my TPT store:

Sample Page:


Friday, September 20, 2013

Sketchy Number Doodles Clip Art

I feel like its been forever that I've created a new clip art set.  Was kind of in a slump late this summer and wasn't inspired to draw. I've banked up a lot of the clip art I wanted/needed for my classroom and really hadn't felt a need or desire to draw for a while.  In the last week, I created a Math RTI Intervention packet to use with some of my students in my classroom and thought a set of numbers would be fun to draw to spice up the look of some of the pages.  So.....a "sketchy" set of clip art numbers came to mind.  I love the look of KPM Doodles and Graphics From the Pond's "Scrappy" clip art.  When I started drawing these numbers, I started just sketching bubble numbers like I used to draw during high school during cheerleading practice.  It was always fun making bubble numbers and letters for locker posters and spirit posters.  I started sketching the bubble letters, and I guess you could say this is how the name "sketchy" got attached to this set. Included are 50 images:  5 each of numbers 0-9 in gray black, BW, yellow, blue, and red.

Comin soon:  Sketchy Alphabet!

Sketchy Number Doodles at my TPT store HERE
Sketchy Number Doodles at my TN store HERE

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Math RTI for First Grade

This weekend I have been obsessing on getting a Math RTI packet together to use from year to year.  After searching Teachers Pay Teachers for something that was easy to use and just print, I couldn't find everything I needed or what I exactly wanted.  Guess that meant I just needed to create it.  I'm sure my husband wonders if I am ever going to get off the computer and get any housework done.  Oh, well.  When I get into one of these moods...nothing else gets in the way.

I feel like every single year once we get our RTIs in place I have to create things over and over again and it gets old, tedious, brain busting, and just NOT FUN.  I like to have a data collection sheet for our learner assistants to use that they can mark on and I can easily go and collect the progress from.  One thing I hate more than anything is going through TONS of stuff in a folder that our learner assistants do with the RTI kids and having to write down progress.  It takes FOREVER just for 1 kid!  Hoping this will help this year...I'm sure there will be some updating as needed, but this is a start.
You can download a preview to check this out and see if it will work for your classroom or purchase this HERE at my TPT store.

Here is a sample of one of the counting coins pages:

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