Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter and Snow Word Wall Cards

Last year I made some Christmas and Holiday word wall cards and included some winter and snow themed words in that pack.  I didn't put the winter/snow theme words up before Christmas because I wanted to save them until our winter/snow theme.  As I was doing some winter and snow themed activities today, I thought of some additional words that I wanted to include on the world wall for our theme.  I quick whipped this up after school today.

Words included:  
snowflake, igloo, snow drift, snowman, stocking hat, mittens, boots, scarf, snowball, sled, shovel, ice skates, snowboard, button, carrot, sticks, top hat, mug, ice cube, hot chocolate, iceberg, penguin, polar bear, arctic fox, eskimo, snow pants, coat, snowing, freezing, blizzard

You can find this word wall set HERE at my TPT store.

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