Monday, June 29, 2015

Manners in the Hallway Mini Book

Just finished a little book called "Manners in the Hallway".  It is another book in the series of books I plan to use this fall when we teach the PBIS expectations for all the different areas at school.

Text in this book:
Manners are important. Here are some good manners in the hallway.
I walk in a single file line and think of line basics. That is being safe.
To be respectful, I will keep my hands to myself and think of personal space.
That is using body basics.
I will keep to the right. That is being safe.
I will go right to where I need to go.  That is being responsible.
To be respectful I will keep my voice off. That is also using body basics.
I will remember to use walking feet. That is being safe and using body basics.
I will greet others with a friendly wave.  That is being respectful.
If I drop something on the floor I will pick it up. That is being responsible
and keeping the hallway clean.
Doing your best and making good choices in the hallway keeps
everyone happy!

You can find this book HERE at my TPT store.

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