Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Manners in the Restroom Mini-Book

Here's a new mini-book about manners called "Manners in the Restroom".  Use at back to school time to teach bathroom expectations for behavior.  I plan to use this at the beginning of the year when we do our lessons for PBIS.

Text in this book:
Manners are important. Here are some good manners in the restroom.
I will wait my turn to respect others’ privacy.
I show respect by using a quiet voice.
I show respect by respecting school property and leaving the lights on.
To be responsible I can flush the toilet when I’m done.
I will think 2 for pumps of soap, towels, and minutes. That is being responsible.
I wash my hands with soap and water to stay safe.
I can do my best by keeping the bathroom clean.
To be responsible I can report problems to the teacher.
Good manners and making good choices in the restroom keeps everyone happy!

You can find this HERE at my TPT store.

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